Our Facilities

Site Facilities

Activities provided on site are subject to availability but we are working hard to maintain the existing ones as well as upgrading and adding new ones.  Ask about what is available when you know the dates you are camping.


At Gladstone there is a flagpole in front of the Main Building as a focal point for camp ceremonies.

Climbing/Abseiling Tower


Our Climbing and Abseil Tower is out of commission for the foreseeable future whilst we look at replacement options.

We are working on a replacement but it is likely to be a temporary structure whilst we fundraise for a new tower.

Activity Course

Gladstone Campsite has an Activity Course which slowly undergoing repair. This consists of three varying height obstacles with rope pullups, a set of  monkey bars, multiple stilts, a new tyre  step-over base plus a rope swing across a ditch.  More repairs will be done in 2024 to enhance the course. Please check with the Duty Warden regarding current repair status.

The Range

Built in 2021, The Range, which can be used for either Archery and Target Shooting and which is available to hire for sessions, subject to booking. This is available with or without instructors or equipment.  The Range can be used throughout the year and has floodlights for use after dark. The Person running activities should have the correct authorisations which will need to be seen by the Duty Warden prior to the activity. It is possible to book sessions with an instructor and equipment at the time of booking. We are installing new paving inside and outside the covered area during the winter period 23/24.

Campfire Circle


There is an outdoor campfire circle seating up to 100 people on various tiers of seating and is suitable for both small and large traditional campfires. You will need to book it to ensure its availability. There is also a pole frame and raised area for doing campfire skits and stunts at the back of the fire circle.

Shelter Building

Gladstone Campsite has the woodland area with a mix of trees and undergrowth and therefore lends itself to shelter building so there are numerous places on site that this can be done, if you want to include shelter building in your camp programme speak to the booking warden to find out where the best location is for your activity.



Gladstone Centre provides various length poles and ropes, but no pulleys or other fixings at present.  The number of available spas and their lengths are; 2 @ 16’ , 10 @ 14’, 6 @ 12’, 8 @ 10’, 2 @ 8’, 3 @ 6’. (tbc). This equipment is bookable. Please see the Activity Pricelist for more information.


We have a woodstore where both natural and recycled timber may be available most of the year. The concrete area in front of the Woodstore is available for sawing and chopping wood. Please check with the Warden for availability of wood but feel free to bring your own if required. Please ensure any wood not used is returned inside the Woodstore enclosure at the end of your stay.

Fires on the Campsite

We do allow campfires on the main field although only in altar fires which must be raised a minimum of 300mm off the ground as we don’t want to scorch our grass. There are stands and altar fires available for groups to borrow.  Please ask the Duty Warden if you require one, and ensure that it is returned at the end of your camp in the same condition. If ground-based fires are lit in the woods, please ensure there are extinguished and the holes filled with earth prior to leaving site. We also hope to re-build our brick altar fires in the woodland area during 2023.

Gladstone Oak

In November 2021, our signature symbol, The Gladstone Oak was damaged by Storm Arwen. Our Service Crew have cleared the area and made safe for now and we hope to re-purpose the area with a structure or some tree art. The tree was used for crate stacking, but this is now on hold until an alternative can be found. In the meantime our other large Oaktree on the field continues to thrive and grow!

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls