Dr John Clarke Bunkhouse


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Entrance Corridor

The entrance corridor has anti-slip washable floor and contains a small seating bench with coat hooks above. Muddy boots can be left outside within storage rack to the right of the main Bunkhouse door. Notices and information about The Gladstone Centre bunkhouse can be found on the noticeboard in the entrance corridor. A Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguishers are also located here. At the either end of the corridor there is a fire alarm break glass contact. On the car-park end of the corridor there is a push bar fire escape door.

At night the main lights can be switched off and the smaller emergency lights provide enough light for users to use the toilet facilities.

Note: The information manual in the kitchen shows all escape routes and Fire alarm information.


There are 6 separate carpeted bunkrooms available. Bunkroom 1 (nearest the main entrance door) and Bunkroom 6 have 1 set of bunks each (2 beds each) Note: Bunk1 has a desk/chair. Bunkroom 2 and 4 have 2 sets of bunks each (4 beds each). Bunkroom 3 and 4 have 3 sets of bunks each (6 beds each).

All bunkrooms have radiators which operate off the Combination boiler in the kitchen and are thermostatically controlled from the dining room. All bunk rooms have l.e.d. or flourescent lighting and a fire alarm sounder.

Note: No muddy boots or shoes in the bunkrooms. No food or drinks to be consumed in the bunkrooms.

Dining Hall

The main hall has a washable anti-slip flooring with fluorescent lights. There are plenty of electrical sockets around the perimeter of the room and a wi-fi signal for Group Leaders.

Fabric covered chairs and melamine tables are provided for indoor use only.

There are thermostat-controlled radiators in the dining hall which are run from the combination boiler in the kitchen when required. An open type serving hatch to the kitchen from the dining area.

Note: The Dining Room is now fitted with l.e.d. lighting which is controlled by a sensor that turn off the lights after 12 minutes if no-one is in the room.


A fitted kitchen with lpg range 6 burner hob and twin oven/grill. Note: Keep the extract fan on when cooking to prevent false alarms from smoke detectors located in the dining room and corridor. The detector in the kitchen is a rate of heat rise type (i.e. detects a fire) A new CO2 detector ill warn of levels get high. Open the windows when cooking.

Kitchen has a hand wash sink in addition to the washing up sink.

Mugs, Plates, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans are provided for 24 people.

A microwave oven and kettle are available on the work surface.

Fire extinguisher is provided in the kitchen area.

An upright fridge freezer is provided by the entrance door of the kitchen.

An electronic fly killer is to be operated when the kitchen is in use. This will zap insects as they are attracted to the ultra-violet tube.

Toilets and Showers

The bunkhouse has unisex toilets which can be configured to the choice of the users.

One toilet cubicle with sink is adjacent to the entrance door.

An additional toilet area with two cubicles and two sinks in next on the left side.

Finally an accessible toilet with alarm, sink unit and floor shower with curtain.

Note: All the toilets are now fitted with l.e.d. lighting which is controlled by sensors that turn off the lights after 10 minutes if no-one is in the room.

Information for Building users

Please do remember to only use the correct mops and buckets for each of the areas. Ie Toilets and Main Centre!

Please leave the buildings as you would wish to find them.

Please ensure you take ONLY your equipment when you leave the kitchen area, please respect all the equipment and report all damages or breakages to the warden before you leave.

Do not take any tables and chairs outside or onto the field area. We have a number of external tables and chairs available for such use. Please ask the Duty Warden.

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