About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Gladstone Centre website, please find some information to help you book and use the facilities that are offered here in Hawarden.

On a day to day basis, our co-warden, Mike will be looking after your booking and access, ably supported by other members of the Gladstone Centre Committee, including our other co-warden, Phil, who looks after the infrastructure at The Gladstone Centre.

General information

The Centre and campsite are set in Hawarden, North Wales. Gladstone Centre is open to all Scouting, Guiding and Youth groups year-round and hosts private events on a limited basis.

The Gladstone Centre is owned by Flintshire District Scout Council and operated by the Gladstone Centre Management Committee. The Committee comprises of volunteer Scouters who administer, build and grow the facilities at the Gladstone Centre.

The surrounding land, around the buildings is entrusted to 1st Hawarden Scout Group, who have licence to use the campsite and woodland area. Scouters and Young People from 1st Hawarden Group and other Flintshire District Scouters also make up the Service Crew help repair, improve and maintain the facilities at Gladstone.

Gladstone Centre Scout Camp Site has a large camping field which is split into multiple pitches and is backed by an area of mixed woodland.

In addition to the camping, Gladstone Centre offers 2 buildings which are for hire to groups.  For more information about our camping check out campsite section and information on the accommodation can be found at indoor accommodation for hire section.

Gladstone Centre has other on-site facilities with a campfire circle plus altar fires available for open fires, also the toilet block within the main building has an accessible shower.

Gladstone Centre is also a location for many off site activities.  It’s ideal for hiking groups via a footpath adjacent to the site into the surrounding countryside.

For those that want to go to Chester, Gladstone Centre is only a short journey away. There are bus stops outside the campsite gate for those wishing to use public transport. To find out the many other fantastic activities that Gladstone Centre is near to, check out our links page.

If you have any question or queries that our website doesn’t answer please contact us.

Volunteering Opportunities

Gladstone Centre is operated by volunteers. We operate a ‘Service Crew’ made up of Explorer Scouts, Scouters and Scout Active Support members. We have a reasonably regular weekly service day every Wednesday, depending on commitments elsewhere and other weekend service days/weekends to do bigger tasks that are put in the calendar.

If you would like the chance assist at the site without the responsibility of looking after children, then offer to help us, subject to the necessary checks if you don’t have a Scouting DBS, please contact  the Wardens.

Most of the maintenance work is done by volunteers, each of whom offers whatever time they can afford and whatever skills they have. All that is required is a willingness to get stuck in and smile. The range of maintenance activities is broad and includes;

  • Project work – modifications to the Main Centre and Bunkhouse and creating new activity infrastructure around the campsite.
  • General Maintenance – including Mowing (ride on), clearing undergrowth, painting, jet washing, machinery repair, etc.
  • This is coordinated by our Service Crew. Contact us via Service Crew.

Service Opportunities

In anticipation of groups returning, the Warden has identified a number of service opportunities for different age groups and they can be seen here.

New things you will see in 2023

  • Added energy efficiency for Main Centre Building inc. Led lighting
  • Main Centre Hall Refresh
  • Main Centre Entrance/Office Refresh

Plans for 2023/24

  • New Railings outside Main Centre
  • External Paved Area to be re-laid
  • Orienteering Course to be refreshed
  • Geocaching Course to be made
  • Outdoor Laser Tag and Command Centre Building refurbishment
  • Main Centre Kitchen Refresh
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