Buildings Update

Date: 7th Nov 2023 Author: Phil Houghton

As part of our ongoing re-generation of the Gladstone Centre, we have been renovating the Main Centre Hall during 2023 and provided a new Storage facility for all the crockery and cutlery which has a working top where hot drinks can be served from two new pump flasks. Ideal for courses and camps.

Update: Main Kitchen now has additional ventilation installed and a ‘Gas Safe’ interlock system fitted to comply with Gas Safety Regulations – Oct 2023

Update: Bunkhouse Kitchen now has additional ventilation and a new extract fan – Work Complete – October 2023

Update: New CO2 detectors fitted in both Kitchens – Work Complete – October 2023

Update: New LED lighting in Bunkhouse toilets with sensor control is now complete. Part of our energy saving measures – Work Complete – October 2023

Update: Bunkhouse Dining Room Decoration  now complete – Work Complete – October 2023

Update: New Emergency Lighting Fitted in Bunkhouse to replace aging units – September 2023

Update: 5 Yearly Electrical Inspection complete across the whole site – October 2023

Update: The Range is getting a new slabbed area inside the covered area. Work ongoing during Winter 2023

Update: Electricity supply to shelter for power and lighting the new Escape Room Activity – Work Complete – October 2023

Update: New Tyre based obstacle on the Activity Course built by Explorer Scouts and Parents – Work Complete – November 2023

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